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Manufacturer's Warranty

If your unit has failed during the manufacturer's warranty period, just bring it and with your proof of purchase to our workshop and we will fix it! Alternatively, if the manufacturer's warranty states 'In-home Repair', please call us with your unit details (model and serial number) and date of purchase. We will then arrange for a technician to have a look at your unit on-site.
We also have a courier service to all retailer shops for your convenience. You can simply drop off your repair to the retailer you purchased it from and we will collect it from there. Drop off your repair the next time you go shopping !

Extended Warranty

If you have purchased an extended warranty and your unit has failed outside the manufacturer's warranty period but within the extended warranty period, please call the extended warranty company with your unit details (model and serial number).
Once you have lodged a repair request directly with them, they will advise you of the next steps.

We are the authorised agents for many extended warranty companies including Domestic & General, IUG, Peace of Mind & United.

Out of Warranty

If your unit is no longer under warranty, thats no problem. Bring it into our workshop and a technician will look at it*. Alternatively, if you are unable to bring it in, please call us and arrange for a technician to come to you*.
We will always advise you of the total repair cost prior to undertaking any repair work.

All repair work comes with a 3 month warranty on parts and labour.

*Standard workshop fee and callout fee applies;
This is then deducted from the total repair cost when you go ahead with the repair.

Insurance Quotes & Reports

If your unit has been damaged and you require a quote for insurance purposes, we can help. We will assess the item and provide you with a quote for its repair. We can also liason with your Insurance Company directly to save you time and hassle, we can fax or email your insurance company with the required documents.

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